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年会指派代表 耶那尔,马赛,邱吉曼,斯卡布洛,菲儿洛因,伊凡士,柏克等七人签署。

  When employment is honestly followed in the light of truth, and people becomediligent in business, "fervent in spirit, serving the Lord" (Rom. xii. 11), themeaning of the name is opened to us: "This is the name by which He shall becalled, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS" (Jer. xxiii. 6). Oh, how precious is thename! it is like ointment poured out. The chaste virgins are in love with theRedeemer; and for promoting his peaceable kingdom in the world are content toendure hardness like good soldiers; and are so separated in spirit from thedesire of riches, that in their employments they become extensively careful togive no offence, either to Jew or Heathen or to the Church of Christ.


这 时聚会的朋友们对战税问题意见颇不一致,因而对于那些良心不安的人,问题更增困难。处此紧急时期而拒绝缴纳税款,可能被认为不忠于国家,引起统治者的不 悦,本邦如此,即英国统治者亦必将有同样态度。虽然如此,有许多朋友对这事良心不安,无法解除。这次聚会可说是我所参加过的聚会中最严肃的一次,许多人在 至高者面前谦恭俯首。委员会中有些主张缴纳战税的人在数度休会后即行退出,也有些继续到最后的。末了由一些关心这件事的朋友们草拟了致宾夕尼亚朋友们的一 封充满爱心和警语的信,在会中宣读,并加修改,然后由愿意署名的朋友们签名,寄给该区各地的月会及季会。


  In these back settlements, we met with several people who, through theimmediate workings of the Spirit of Christ on their minds, were drawn from thevanities of the world to an inward acquaintance with Him. They were educated inthe way of the Presbyterians. A considerable number of the youth, members ofthat society, used often to spend their time together in merriment, but some ofthe principal young men of the company, being visited by the powerful workingsof the Spirit of Christ, and thereby led humbly to take up His cross, could nolonger join in those vanities. As these stood steadfast to that inwardconvincement, they were made a blessing to some of their former companions; sothat through the power of truth several were brought into a close exerciseconcerning the eternal well-being of their souls. These young people continuedfor a time to frequent their public worship; and, besides that, had meetings oftheir own, which meetings were awhile allowed by their preacher, who sometimesmet with them; but in time their judgment in matters of religion disagreeingwith some of the articles of the Presbyterians, their meetings were disapprovedby that society; and such of them as stood firm to their duty, as it wasinwardly manifested, had many difficulties to go through. In a while theirmeetings were dropped; some of them returned to the Presbyterians, and othersjoined to our religious society.

  From my early acquaintance with truth I have often felt an inward distress,occasioned by the striving of a spirit in me against the operation of theheavenly principle; and in this state I have been affected with a sense of myown wretchedness, and in a mourning condition have felt earnest longings forthat divine help which brings the soul into true liberty. Sometimes on retiringinto private places, the spirit of supplication hath been given me, and under aheavenly covering I have asked my gracious Father to give me a heart in allthings resigned to the direction of His wisdom; in uttering language like this,the thought of my wearing hats and garments dyed with a dye hurtful to them hasmade lasting impression on me.

  At another time he said, "My draught seemed strongest towards the north, andI mentioned in my own Monthly Meeting, that attending the Quarterly Meeting atYork, and being there, looked like home to me."Fifth day night. -- Having repeated consented to take medicine, but withouteffect, the Friend then waiting on him said through distress, "What shall I donow?" He answered with great composure, "Rejoice evermore, and in everythinggive thanks"; but added a little after, "This is something hard to come at."On sixth day morning he broke forth early in supplication on this wise: "OLord, it was Thy power that enabled me to forsake sin in my youth, and I havefelt Thy bruises for disobedience, but as I bowed under them Thou healedst me,continuing a father and a friend; I feel Thy power now, and I beg that in theapproaching trying moment Thou wilt keep my heart steadfast unto Thee." On hisgiving directions to a Friend concerning some little things, she said, "I willtake care, but hope thou wilt live to order them thyself." He replied, "My hopeis in Christ, and though I may seem a little better, a change in the disordermay soon happen, and my little strength be dissolved, and if it so happen Ishall be gathered to my everlasting rest." On her saying she did not doubtthat, but could not help mourning to see so many faithful servants removed atso low a time, he said, "All good cometh from the Lord, whose power is thesame, and He can work as He sees best." The same day he had directions givenabout wrapping his corpse; perceiving a Friend to weep, he said, "I wouldrather thou wouldst guard against weeping for me, my sister; I sorrow not,though I have had some painful conflicts, but now they seem over, and matterswell settled; and I look at the face of my dear Redeemer, for sweet is Hisvoice, and His countenance is comely."First day, 4th of Tenth Month. -- Being very weak and in general difficult tobe understood, he uttered a few words in commemoration of the Lord's goodness,and added, "How tenderly have I been waited on in this time of affliction, inwhich I may say in Job's words, tedious days and 'wearisome nights areappointed to me'; and how many are spending their time and money in vanity andsuperfluities, while thousands and tens of thousands want the necessaries of life, who might be relieved by them, and their distress at such a time as thisin some degree softened by the administering of suitable things."Second day morning. -- The apothecary, who appeared very anxious to help him,being present, he queried about the probability of such a load of matter beingthrown off his weak body; and the apothecary making some remarks implying hethought it might, he spoke with an audible voice on this wise: "My dependenceis on the Lord Jesus, who I trust will forgive my sins, which is all I hopefor; and if it be His will to raise up this body again, I am content; and if todie, I am resigned; but if thou canst not be easy without trying to assistnature, I submit." After this, his throat was so much affected that it was verydifficult for him to speak so as to be understood, and he frequently wrote whenhe wanted anything. About the second hour on fourth day morning he asked forpen and ink, and at several times, with much difficulty, wrote thus: "I believemy being here is in the wisdom of Christ; I know not as to life or death."About a quarter before six the same morning he seemed to fall into an easysleep, which continued about half an hour, when, seeming to awake, he breatheda few times with more difficulty, and expired without sigh, groan, or struggle.


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